Ms. Adrian Cox – Settles

Ms. Adrian is the owner and CEO of Math Does Matter (Diverse Interactive Learning). She is a mathematics educator, specialist, consultant, and has been teaching, homeschooling, leading departments, and tutoring mathematics for over 20 years.   In addition, She was the Teacher of the Year in 2014 by the National Technical Association.

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Ms. Alena

She is patient, kind, and a knowledgeable individual who is dedicated to helping your child understand certain topics that they are struggling in. Additionally, she is devoted to providing your child with a visual or verbal communication depending on how they comprehend the material. Furthermore, she will create a comfortable environment conducive to learning and encourage them to ask questions. Her goal is to provide your child with an engaging learning environment in which she is more than excited and prepared to start!

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Ms. Kubra

She has always had a passion for teaching. She is here to provide her utmost support whether you need help with an assignment or need an alternative method of learning. Ms. K stated, “What makes me love tutoring is seeing the enjoyment on my student’s faces after understanding a lesson or completing an assignment. I look forward to meeting and working with you!”

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Ms. Sariyah

Ms. Sariyah’s patience with teaching children is exceptional and she takes the time to get to know her students. She believes that every child learns differently, and it takes a dedicated educator to learn their students and mold their lessons to fit their style of learning.

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