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Adrian Cox - Settles

Owner/Author "Be"/ Math Enthusiast / Test Coach

I am the Founder/Owner of Diverse Interactive Learning Tutoring Center (Math Does Matter LLC), a tutoring center that ranked among the top three tutoring businesses in Allentown, PA in 2024. With a specialization in Mathematics Education, I bring over 20 years of experience in teaching, coaching, leading departments, and tutoring. In 2014, I was honored as the Outstanding Teacher of the Year by the National Technical Association for my guidance that led my female Muslim high school students to victory in a math competition at Morgan State University. My students created history by achieving the top positions in this competition for the first time, marking a significant milestone for female students in math. I enjoy supporting people in reaching their full potential. For instance, a teacher whom I mentored and guided for a year went on to be named Teacher of the Year for Baltimore City Public Schools the next year. Renowned as a skilled test coach, I help individuals pass professional exams. Beyond teaching, I have excelled as a virtual learning coach and a homeschooling mother. In my personal life, I am a devoted wife of 21 years and proud mother of 3 exceptional sons, who have all skipped grades in either preschool or elementary school, marking a significant achievement in my teaching career.

I was raised in the Lexington Terrace Housing Projects of Baltimore, Maryland, and I am a product of the Baltimore City Public School System. Throughout my teaching career, I have focused on educating young people in various educational settings such as Baltimore City Public, Charter, Islamic Private, and Community College. I understand the challenges of academic struggles and the path to success firsthand. Much of my determination and resilience come from my desire for a better life. This is why I place such high value on education and strive to assist others in their educational journeys. Education plays a pivotal role in unlocking numerous opportunities, and by supporting others in this aspect, I hope to be a beacon of hope in their pursuit of success. My deep love and enthusiasm for mathematics, a gift from God, have paved the way for my academic progress. In essence, mathematics has been a lifesaver for me!

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