Parent Free Resources

1. For Free Homeschool Forms, click here

2. To view our Welcome to the Wonderful World of homeschooling Youtube video, click here.

3. To view the “Our Muslim Homeschooling” Social Media, click here

4. To purchase our Homeschool digital binder kits, click here

5. To purchase our digital download Homeschool yearly planner, click here.

6. To purchase our paperback Be Homeschool 2-book yearly planners, click here

Math Resources

1. To view the #All This Math Youtube channel, click here.

2. To view our Adrian and Son’s Math Channel, click here

3. For Math Fluency Website on Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, and Division, click here.

4. For Math Placement tests for 6th grade up to Algebra 2,  click here.

5. For Math, Language Arts, Science, and Coding Resources, click here.

6. For Math Formulas and Strategies, click here.

7. To purchase our Multiplication Timed Tables for 100 days workbooks, click here.

8. To purchase our All in 1 Math Practice Notebooks for Middle School up to Grad School Studentsclick here

9. To purchase Professor Parker’s How to Use All This Math book, which is a guidebook for parents and others to be able to provide their children with a solid foundation in mathematical understanding by engaging with activities that they naturally do on a regular basis,   click here.

Google Drive Reading Downloadable PDFs

1. For Oxford Starts Reading 1-6, click here.

2. For Pearson 3000 words for writing levels 1-3, click here

3. For 51 Talk Classic English Junior books, click here.

4. For a Website full of stories for kids with audio, click here.  

5. For charts for school, click here

6. For Self Development books, click here.

7. For Caillou Stories, click here.

8. For free books, click here.

For more google drive resources, join Alina Alina’s group here

Free Online Assessments

1. To view Middle school books, click here.

2. To view books for girls, click here

3. To view books for boys, click here.

4. To view books about Black Mermaids, click here.

5. To view Islamic children’s books, click here.

Mindful Muslim Reader Site

These handpicked books have been identified appropriated for children, click here to view.

Sexuality Education for Teenagers from
An Islamic Perspective

Authored by Khadijah Tijani, for the girl book, click here and for the boy book, click here.

Free Worksheets

Free Educational and Fun Apps

Virtual Learning Organization Tips

(Not Free)
Parents College Planning Guidebook

5-Spiral Book (On
7-Paperback Book (On Amazon)
5-Digital Download (On Etsy)

How to Write Winning Scholarship Essays Guidebook
(Digital Download)

Some Homeschooling Program Options

Top 10 Virtual homeschool Programs 

*If you are still not sure after reviewing the options above, we offer homeschool consultations to help you select the best homeschool option for you and your family. To learn more, complete our questionnaire here

*If you only want to book our 1 to 1 or small pod group teachers/tutors for services, complete our questionnaire here.