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Below are some of the paid subscriptions that I have for DIL company for tutoringPlease do not share my information with others, thanks! Enjoy!!!!!

1. Online worksheets for all 4 major subjects and more.



Password: hAPPINESS2019 or HAPPINESS2019

2. IXL Account for all 4 major subjects and Spanish.

Username: diverseilearning211

Password: dil

4. For all planning for all 4 major subjects and more


Username: Diverseilearning

Password: diverseilearning

7. Worksheets for 4 major subjects and more


Username: Adrian.settles@gmail.com

Password: diverseilearning

8. Phonics, Sightwords, and Decoding Worksheets, click here.

A.  Click here.

B. Click here.

C. Click here.

D. Click here.

E. Click here.

9. ABC Kit Flash Printables

Click here.

Click here.

10. For ebooks for k-12

Click here

11. Link to my other free resource page

Click here.